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With the exception of the latest release Bring Me A Minstrel CD, and the David Ingles & The Vanguards Southern Gospel Quartet CD, almost every other song ever recorded by David Ingles is available as an individual soundtrack. However, we cannot list all of them in our shopping cart.  Since in our experience almost every soundtrack order is made up of one or more variations of songs, the easiest method of securing the soundtracks is to simply order them by telephone at the number below.


Each soundtrack comes with the following:


1)  The Soundtrack with no Lead Vocals

2)   The Song version with Lead Vocals

3)   The Song Lyrics printed on a 5 x 5 insert card




Soundtracks are only available in the keys originally recorded by David Ingles and are not available in alternate keys. Since soundtracks are considered Custom Orders and are not returnable, please make certain that the soundtracks ordered will meet your needs. Once soundtracks have been received they cannot be returned for a refund. However, in the remote event that a soundtrack is found to be defective it would be replaced with the same original ordered track.






Since we do not attempt to profit from the amounts we charge for shipping, please feel free to contact our office if you have any type of bulk or multiple order shipping requests. We will make every effort to secure the lowest possible mailing rate for getting the items you request. 



For More Information On Soundtracks or Bulk Orders please contact:



1-888-336-2747  Extension 18


B U L K   O R D E R S

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