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Prophetic Utterances


The following statements made by these powerful men and women of God are just a handful of prophetic utterances given over the years concerning the Music Ministry of David Ingles. We will continue to post them as we can locate them and make them available. We hope you enjoy them...


And those songs came at the beginning of this that you all know and have enjoyed so very much – given from heaven – songs from heaven – from the throne they came. Even by a man of the same name, David, you know. Day of old, walking down the streets of gold, playing his harp, knew before the words of the songs. As they came to you, he’d already sung them. He knew them too, and he knows them still. And it brings a thrill in the heart of man. It brings a thrill because they’re a part of God’s plan. And all that the Lord has said unto you, you will see with your eyes, and these will too. And the glory of the Lord will fill the air and when we’ll be lifted up truly to declare those things that God gave to you. They started, they began, they’ve come right through, but all that He said it certainly shall be. And the eyes of this people, they certainly shall see. Not a word, not a phrase, not a comma, not a period will not be fulfilled. All the expression that God has given according to His will, will be. Yea, satan hath tried to stop certain things from coming to pass, but it shall be and the time is now. And you shall laugh and laugh and laugh. And did you not see the pattern established in My Word? From the anointing flowing, from the heart of a child - that drove away demons which drove a king wild? Yea, the pattern is there for you to declare, and you shall walk in the same. And the kings of this hour and the preachers of power shall move when you play, in My name. Hallelujah! 



Now we lay hands on our Brother David Ingles; Our Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to separate him unto the call of God, upon his spirit and life and soul. Hallelujah to Jesus... we thank you for the anointing that rests upon him, use him for your glory. Continue to use him. Make him a blessing unto many. Oh Praise God. Hallelujah. May the anointing grow and flow out from him unto others. For it is the anointing that breaks the yoke, and it is not by might nor by power but by the Spirit saith the Lord. And so it shall be, and as we praise Thee and worship Thee, and Hallelujah to God, Hallelujah to Jesus, Praise God. I can sense the Spirit of God within me with urgency saying... neglect not the gift that's in thee, which was put in thee by the Spirit of the living God, but give the glory and honor and praise to God. And that gift shall develop and grow and be made a blessing not unto just a few but unto many... we'll thank you for it Father, in Jesus Holy name, thank you Lord, Praise God. 

Evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne



The way the anointing operates, I used to sit in Africa and listen to Brother Hagin and the anointing come on me in the room. I'd sit and listen to your music, play it hour after hour after hour and the anointing come, the anointing is transferrable, it just depends if you're hungry and thirsty and you draw on that anointing. Whoever draws on it will get it. God's no respecter of persons. The anointing comes because people are hungry and thirsty, like the woman with the issue of blood. She was desperate, she said if I could touch but his clothes, I shall be made whole, and straightway the bible says the fountain of blood was dried up and she was, she felt in her body she was healed of that plague, and Jesus, knowing in Himself that virtue had gone out of Him, oh, turned Him about He said who touched me and the disciples said Master thou seest the multitude thronging thee, and you sayest thou who touched me, and the woman fearing and trembling knowing what was done in her came and fell down before him and told him all the truth and what she did, and he said unto her daughter thy faith has made thee whole, go in peace and be whole of thy plague. I'm standing right by you, I hear this in the Spirit. The very thing that you've been crying out for, because when the move hit in Tulsa and your music came forth and it went all over. But then it seemed to kind of get shut down and just held back and the Lord said to me, it will astound you now in the next three to five years where your music's going to go, because a whole new generation is going to hear your songs, that the Spirit of God placed on the inside of you. And they shall sing them, again, the new ones, in the islands of the sea, get ready, get ready, it's not time yet, you see your work is not done, you know that. These are the days of heaven on the earth. And the Lord preserved you and reserved you for this hour. And you'll be a part of this great awakening. Someone said how do you know that, because his ministry touched me. Those songs held me for years, because the Lord spoke to me and told me some things, He said you'll begin to write with a new anointing, and through the music and through the singing as you minister forth, that anointing will flow out from you. If the people believe it and receive that anointing they'll be healed in their bodies, financial needs will be met, harmony will come to the home, the yoke of bondage will be broken because it's the anointing that breaks the yoke. Amen. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Evangelist Chuck Flynn



The Lord has heard your travail... That which you travailed for, the home, yeah, the Lord has given, and it's conducive to the revelation of the Lord, and that that speaks of better things than condemnation and negativism. You will rise up and with the anointing of God upon you, you'll begin to speak the unsearchable riches and the end time awareness of the coming of the Lord... the preparation of My people shall be spoken through your lips, and you will dress the people of the Lord with the armor of God... as you speak the word... you are the supply, yeah, the supply officer. Through My word you shall supply My people. with the fresh armor of joy and peace...and through the music, and through the anointing of My will, you will come into this militant expectancy of My joy. And the people... yeah, the minutemen of God shall be ready at the hour... and yeah, the people of the Lord shall be willing in the day of thy power. As you minister forth, the joy and strength of God shall flow creatively, and the people of the Lord, shall be willing to flow... there's going to be such an end-time move of revelation and preparation in the hearts of God's people that will loose them from religious lethargy and bring them in and tear down walls of separation... for God has given you a tremendous insight to equip them and fortify them in that hour. Amen.

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