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Formerly titled Scripture Classics.All 4 Scripture Songs CD's in 1 package for a Limited Time!64 Songs in all on these Double Length CD's!

Scripture Songs CD Collection - SET

$71.92 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
  • CD 1 Oasis Of Love, Heavenly Flu, It Was Me, I Am Healed, Living In The Presence Of Jesus, Keep The Switch Of Faith Turned On, The Seed Of Abraham, I'm A New Creation, Let It Stand, Now I Have Everything, You Hold A Miracle, Our King Of Kings, You Are Free, Lord, I Believe, I Don't Sing Those Songs Anymore, In Him CD 2 Faith Medley # 1, The Faith Of Jesus, The Song Of The Lord, I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You, Garment Of Praise, I Will Arise And Go Home, It Is Written, Peculiar, Satan Has Been Paralyzed, That's What I Have That's Who I Am, The Thomas Kind Of Faith, Language Of Love, Faith Medley # 2, You Won't Leave Here Like You Came, The Word Is Working Mightily In Me, The Key CD 3 Write Your Own Ticket With God, Unchangeable Lord, This Is Our Finest Hour, Here He Is, Keys To The Kingdom, The Name Of Jesus, Our Cathedral Of Praise, Mark 11:23-24, Abraham, You Can Change, Husband And Wife, She Laid Hold On The Word, I'm Making Plans To Succeed, The Lord Is Good, He Rescued Me, The Word Returned CD 4 El Shaddai, Father We Praise You, Day Of Independence, For The Eyes Of The Lord, I Sure Love You, Thank You Loving Father, Faith Medley #3, Earth, Earth, Earth, Father You've Done It Again, Life Is Big Rich And Wonderful, Be Glad In The Lord Rejoice, He Is My Lord, (Go Back) She's Using That Name, Jesus Was The First One
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