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The Hour Of Anointing


Most people that hear the name David Ingles immediately recognize him as one of the Premier Christian Music Artists of our generation. As the Writer, Singer, and Recording Artist of more than 150 compositions spanning more than 40 years, his gifts, talents, and influence have made their mark in Christian and Gospel music history. What many people may not have realized, is that he's also a superbly effective Bible teacher.


He's also the Senior Pastor of Walnut Grove Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and is the Founder and President of the Oasis Radio Network also based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.


The Hour Of Anointing airs daily Monday thru Friday at 9:00am and at 1:00am on the Oasis Radio Network ( 


Each Daily 15 Minute Teaching Segment contains Revelation Truths about the New Creation Realities that belong to every believer by being "In Christ". Each broadcast also contains a great song directly related to that day's teaching.


You can also listen to his broadcast segments by using our web player above. This same device is also a Phone App that can be found by searching for David Ingles Radio at any App Store for iTunes or Android, or you can use the links provided at right to download the App for your phone, pc, tablet or other device. 


We would like to encourage you to listen to these truths from this unique and respected Man of God, and we hope you return again and again.

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Now Every Hour Can Be An

Hour Of Anointing

Now you can hear the Great Bible Teaching of the Hour Of Anointing Broadcast on your iPhone or Android.

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