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You and I have a choice of what to do with what is in our hands. In my case, I have scripture songs concerning God’s provisions for spirit, soul, and body.


It is in my heart to minister life into the lives of First Nations people. We would like to partner with those who would like to help us distribute our music CD's into the lives of those we can reach. People like you who respond will be a vital link for this to succeed.


Our songs are loaded with scriptural principles that will awaken the hungry hearts of our First Nations brothers & sisters to expect available blessings from God. 


Each CD costs just $2.00 Limit of 5 per order. If you would like to become a distributor please select the link below to purchase your CD copies.  For volume orders above 5 copies please call the office directly so that we can get you the best price on the shipping.

Cree Chief Matthew Coon Come and his wife Mary-Ann

Cree Chief Matthew Coon Come & Wife Mary Ann
First Nations Under God CD
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